Dwarf rabbit: care and maintenance at home
Review author: “ZooVita” Rabbits are unpretentious animals. They reproduce well and grow at home.
Plastic wheel
How to choose or make your own running wheel for a chinchilla
Is there a need for a running wheel? The answer to the question is simple - chinchillas need a wheel.
Djungarian hamster dies
How to put a hamster to sleep at home painlessly
The hamster is a soft fluffy bundle of joy. During their short life, the sweetest friendly Dzungarian and
How to sew a hammock for a cat, chinchilla, rat with your own hands
What can be done for a hamster You can make many interesting toys for a hamster, for example: From a washcloth
The largest rats in the world: wild and domestic rodents
The most numerous order of mammals are rodents. A total of 2,277 species have been described. You can meet them
Voices and sounds of turtles
Do red-eared turtles and land turtles hear? Where are the ears of turtles?
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Hedgehog in a city apartment? Yes! My experience of keeping a dwarf white-bellied hedgehog
Why is a hedgehog dangerous? Despite their cute appearance, hedgehogs pose a threat to people. "Firstly,
Homyakam.Ru – pet care
Smooth-haired guinea pigs: types, breed characteristics, rearing features and care
Home Guinea pig Breeds of guinea pigs 02/14/2019 Among the breeds of guinea pigs, smooth-haired varieties are popular
How red-eared turtles mate at home
Turtles belong to the order of reptiles. In captivity, their life expectancy is up to 50 years.
Consultation for adults “What to do if a child bites other children”
Children bite to cope with a problem or to get their needs met. For example, your child
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